Taxi Kilkenny

Taxi Kilkenny

Sevens Taxis was founded in 2007, throughout the years it has grown and expanded within kilkenny city and surrounding areas. . Sevens Taxi takes great pride in its excellent reputation as Kilkenny’s largest taxi company and as a result of this Sevens Taxis has many repeat and regular taxi customers. Sevens Taxis provide a rapid response within kilkenny area for all of your taxi needs. Sevens Taxi values all of our customer’s equally therefore provide many different vehicles in kilkenny area for all your taxi needs. Sevens Taxi provide Wheelchair Accessiable Taxis, six, seven and eight seater taxis and they also provide many saloon vehicles to accomandate all our customer’s taxi needs. Sevens Taxi has built a strong client base in the kilkenny area with many valued customers. Sevens Taxis provide a trustworthy and reliable service for many buisness based in Kilkenny, with whom they have built loyal relationships.

Sevens Taxi service provides a swift 24/7 taxi service in kilkenny. Any time you call Sevens Taxi you will be met with a friendly and helpful phone operater to accomandate your taxi request. Sevens Taxi operates, using a state of the art dispatch system in Kilkenny. Sevens Taxi will dispatch the nearest taxi to your location resulting in an extremely efficient taxi service for our customers.

Kilkenny largest & most reliable Taxi Company

Sevens Taxi is Kilkenny’s largest and oldest taxi service, Sevens Taxis has stood the test of time as an established and reliable taxi service. Sevens Taxi maintained a service to our customers throughout the uncertain and difficult past 12 months maintaining a reliable taxi service to our valued taxi customers both private and corporate in the Kilkenny area. Covid-19 has created an unpredictable situation but Sevens Taxi has proven to be an extremely dependable service for Kilkenny city and the surrounding areas. Sevens Taxi is proud to continue this excellent taxi service for all of their customers in Kilkenny City and surrounds. About sevens taxi kilkenny

Sevens Taxi company was founded in 2007 by Eddie and Emer. Sevens Taxi is a family run taxi buisness based in kilkenny city providing taxi services to kilkenny city and the surrounding areas. Eddie and Emer have reached their ambition by becoming Kilkennys largest Taxi Company, starting out with only 6 vechicles and now have Kilkennys largest fleet of taxis. Sevens Taxi offer a large range of taxis including six, seven and eight seater vehicles, Wheelchair Accessiable Taxis and saloon vehicles. Sevens taxis are available for airport tranfers,, schools runs, weddings,bus/train transfers, breakdown and recoverys, concerts, sporting events, hospital appointments,tours, hen and stag outings, Sevens Taxis cover all our customers taxi needs.

Why choose Sevens Taxis as your Taxi Kilkenny?

Sevens Taxi is Kilkennys largest, oldest, most reliable taxi service. Sevens Taxi provides comfortable and swift journeys to many local areas as well as providing a service to and from Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports, making your tranfer easy and stress free. Sevens Taxi has a number of dependable and dedicated taxi drivers on our team whom are all fully compliant with the National Taxi Authority , taxi phone
operaters who are there to answer any questions or enquiries you may have about our taxi service. Sevens Taxis have a number of modern facilities to make booking your taxi easy including our practical automated answering system, convienent credit card payment system and our Sevens Taxi app which makes booking your taxi as convienent as can be. Sevens Taxi caters to every customers needs. Sevens Taxi offers a range of high quaility vehicles from low floor vehicles taxis and have a large range of Wheelchair Accessible vehicles. Sevens Taxis offer low, competitive rates. Sevens Taxi understands that loyalty is important, Sevens Taxi has built up a strong large cliental whom we are devoted to. Our loyal and large customer base is a testament to Sevens Taxi as a safe, reliable taxi service.

Our Kilkenny Taxi service covers the following areas:

As Kilkenny’s largest taxi service, Sevens Taxi covers a wide variety of areas. Sevens Taxi provides transfers from any Irish airport. Sevens Taxi offers a range of high quaility vehicles from airports including 8 seaters and wheelchair accessiable vehicles every customers needs are met. As well as this Sevens Taxis offer an excellent 24/7 reliable taxi service to all local areas such as thomastown, callan castlecomer, gowran, ballycallan etc.

What people say about our kilkenny taxi service?



Taxi Kilkenny

As a wheelchair user sevens taxi has been extremely accomandating to my needs. Living in kilkenny city sevens taxi have a very prompt service that I can rely on. From organising my journey with the taxi phone operater to the friendly taxi drivers who have a patient and friendly manner. I always feel at ease and safe on any sevens taxi journey.


I ordered a taxi for my elderly father and I asked the driver to give my dad a hand just getting into the car, he helped him out from his house and into the car and then also into the shop. Fantastic service and drivers. Also always on time for my dad every time he rings.
Great service, will use again.

I had a very speedy trip up to Dublin with my Dad. A Mr Daniel Sheehan drove us and was very interesting and great company. He put us at ease with his chat, as we had an important medical appointment to go to. Diane on the phones was great. She got a car with the glass window and set a fair rate before the journey. She asked her boss and gave us a bit of a discount too. Thanks for your help and great service!
Will definitely recommend it everyone.


This is by far the best and cheap taxi service in Kilkenny, telephone operators are very polite and helpful, I had emergency and needed to get to Waterford quickly I gave them a call and spoke to Eddie on the phone, he was very understanding and helpful and gave me the best price for my trip, I got driver call Hayat I must say he was brilliant very polite and understanding, he even gave me €10 further discount on my fare



Cost of taxi in kilkenny

The rate that taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis can charge are regulated by the National Maximum Taxi Fare. This is structured to include an initial charge and a time/distance charge based on three graduated tariffs. The charges within these tariffs vary with time of day and day of week. The National Maximum Taxi Fare also provides for extra charges for additional passengers and advance bookings. The Initial charge is a fixed charge that covers any distance or time period up to 500m or 85 seconds. After the initial 500m or 85 seconds, charges are based on either the time taken or the distance travelled, depending on the speed of the taxi. Above 21kmph, the charge is distance- related; below that speed, the charge is time- related. The fare rate for the graduated tariffs varies with the time of day and day of week. The table below shows the charges that apply for each tariff band and rate.

However, if you are a regular taxi user, please feel free to contact us at 056 7777777 and we at Sevens Taxis can provide you with a fixed fare. Sevens Taxis reward our loyal taxi customers in Kilkenny with reduced taxi fares.

However, if you are a regular taxi user, please feel free to contact us at 056 7777777 and we at Sevens Taxis can provide you with a fixed fare. Sevens Taxis reward our loyal taxi customers in Kilkenny with reduced taxi fares.